Food waste by Ms Nhung

Food waste by Ms Nhung

Task 2: Nowadays people waste a lot of food that was bought from shops and restaurants. Why do you think people waste food? What can be done to reduce the amount of food they throw away? (1/8/2020).

Causes : – lack of appropriate planning à leading to the expiry of the food after which they are thrown as waste

– Purchase and preparation of too much food the excess food on the plate will go to waste

– Inappropriate storage

Solutions: + consumers should buy and prepare food with a plan

+ food recycling

+ regularly bring in campaign

Food waste is something which is often discussed in today’s world. It is generally believed that consumers waste a huge amount of food bought from shops or restaurants. This essay will analyse several factors, and provide possible measures for this problem.

There are a number of reasons why consumers tend to waste a huge amount of food. Firstly, the excess food is brought about by a lack of appropriate planning because customers fail to make a plan of when and where to have a party. They may then delay and put away all the food into the fridge, resulting in the expiry of the food after which they are thrown as waste. Another factor is that customers purchase and prepare too much food; therefore, the excess food on the plate will go to waste. Inappropriate storage is another culprit for this problem which is happening in a wide range of households.

From my point of view, a number of following measures could be adopted to mitigate the problem. The immediate measure for customers is to buy and prepare food with a plan so as to use up all the food on the plate. A second solution is that households should recycle food effectively by giving leftover to cattle, which can turn in a profit and significantly reduce the environment pollution. Finally, the government should involve in this campaign by applying regular propaganda on the social media to raise public awareness of food waste. These actions, albeit small, could have a dramatic influence on customers.

In conclusion, it is clear that poor planning and storage are the major catalysts for the food waste. Strong measures, such as setting up a plan before purchasing food from shops or restaurants and recycling food, should be taken to alleviate this distressing situation.



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