Online communication in business by Ms Nhung

Online communication in business by Ms Nhung

Task 2: Online communication is becoming more popular than face-to-face communication in many companies. Is this a positive or negative development?

Online communication in business is something which is often discussed in today’s world. It is believed that video conferencing is gradually replacing face-to-face communication in a wide range of companies. From my point of view, this trend is going to bring businesses both benefits and drawbacks.

It is irrefutable that web conference services are beneficial in several certain aspects. One of the main positive points is cost effective. Instead of travelling a long way to another cosmopolitan to engage in a physical meeting, a CEO just needs a gadget connected with the internet at his usual office to discuss work issues online, which saves him budget and time. Video conferencing bestows upon entrepreneurs flexible schedules which can be adjusted sooner or later several hours without any trouble. Last but not least, the web conferencing technology is an ultimate support for the environment conservation, dramatically decreasing a huge amount of gas emission from air travels for business trips.

There are, however, inevitably disadvantages to video conferencing systems. Initially, the main negative point is the lack of effectiveness, especially with undisciplined members of staff who are distracted by online flashy entertainments, resulting in low productivity. Another problem of online communication conducted in corporations is in relation with the internet breakdown, leading to the interruption of video – conferencing. Needless to say, all the company will suffer the delay of signing vital contracts or trading products, which is the obvious downside of the online meeting needed to be considered meticulously.

In conclusion, despite above merits of online communication in businesses, demerits should be concerned carefully.

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