Plastic containers by Ms Nhung

Plastic containers by Ms Nhung

Task 2: In many countries, plastic containers have become more popular than ever. They are used in many businesses such as the food and drink industry. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh its disadvantages? (17/9/2020)

Plastic packaging is something which is often discussed in today’s world. It is believed that plastic containers which are being applied in food and drink industry have been increasingly prevalent. From my point of view, the benefits are far more significant than drawbacks.

There is no doubt that plastic packing brings a number of inevitable disadvantages. Initially, the main demerit is a low melting point which means that the plastic packaging does not withstand in the area where the temperature is slightly high. Some plastic products which are highly flammable such as nylons, polyethylene, acrylics, and polyesters are commonly used in offices and home appliances, making a fire hazard. The plastic containers also lead to the degradation of the environment due to the fact that they will not decay after centuries or thousands of years. They are also absolutely harmful for the nature because creatures can accidentally eat them and die because of choking.

Benefits of plastic containers are, however, more considerable than drawbacks owing to their super contribution to food and drink industry. One of the main positive points is that plastic containers can store food and drink safely. With the high rate of shatter resistant, plastic containers do no damage or break when they are dropped and knocked over; they, therefore, make any transportation with ease. Another noticeable merit of plastic packaging is easy moulding so that manufacture companies can easily mould the plastic packaging bag into the size and shape that fits perfectly with their product. The versatility of plastic packaging is high that allows the easy reuse and recycling of the packet.

In conclusion, despite above problems of plastic containers, they can still be widespread in food and drink manufacture. However, we should figure out how to use such plastic containers in an effective and environmental – friendly way.

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